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Ancient Citadel of Aleppo by Halab Ancient Citadel of Aleppo by Halab
Syria is the Cradle of Civilizations, Whereever you go in Syria you'll find ruins of past Civilizations that once were Houses, Courtyards, Halls, and Temples.. I dont know the Number of Castles and Citadels in Syria but believe me they are plenty !..

Anyway, back to Aleppo.. in the Middle of Aleppo city lays the great Citadel of Aleppo.. its a pity that I went there only four times in my whole entire life its Huge, a long Entrance, with a deep Trench all around the Citadel.. I heard that there is a secret lever that has not been discovered yet which can fill the whole Trench with Water by turning it on.. this Citadel as I know was built by the Muslims in the reign of Saif Al-Dawleh Al-Hamadani ..
At that time this Citadel was big enough to protect all Aleppo citizens in case there was an invasion from other Non-Muslim countries ..

Who is Saif Al-Dawleh Al-Hamadani ?.. well its a Long story.. we have to go back to the Abbassy Era... lots and lots happened during this Era.. but cool and interesting stuff for any Non-Muslim and Muslim to know ..

Thats a Photo of Ancient Aleppo by the way.. you can see how pepole dress at that time..
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October 6, 2005
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